How Can You Prevent Getting Bed Bug Eggs

Bedbugs mate in a process called traumatic insemination where the male bed bug pierces the abdomen of the female bed bug with its hypodermic genitalia to leave his sperm in her abdominal cavity. A female bed bug begs to lay one to five eggs and may lay up to 500 eggs in its lifetime.

Bed bug eggs are small about the size of a head of a pin. They are almost transparent and almost invisible to the naked eyes. They go through five molting stages before becoming an adult. The eggs hatch and nymphs emerge. Thus, it is very difficult to get rid of them. It is difficult to suck them up using the vacuum since tend to adhere to the surface where they are laid. Thus, it takes three to four treatments to clear them up completely. There are two eradication methods. Either you can do it yourself or you can also a hire a professional.

Getting rid of bedbugs yourself is hard, and you may suffer from prolonged infestation if you do not get treatment from the professionals. The do-it-yourself methods are much cheaper than having to hire a professional. However, if the severity of the infestation is out of control, trying to exterminate them yourself may not be an adequate way of exterminating the infestation. Since bed bugs can hide for several months without feeding, so getting a professional treatment can help you make sure you’re getting rid of the blood-sucking pests completely.

How Can You Prevent Getting Bed Bug Eggs

Using of Bed Bug Sprays

Insecticide Bed Bugs Sprays

To kill nymphs effectively, most insecticides must be applied directly to the insect. This is labor intensive work and a professional pest control companies budget about five to 10 hours to treat a typical bedroom. Look for EPA-registered pesticides. Bed bugs must be listed on the label. Use a combination of both contact and residual sprays to kill newly hatched nymphs and later apply a bed bug powder to ensure that you cut down the population now and kill all the bed bugs present over time.

Start with contact sprays like Sterifab and JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs. These work immediately but they are very short lasting since they evaporate rapidly after application. Then follow up with residual sprays such as Bedlam Plus and JT Eaton Kills Bed Bugs Plus. Residual sprays offer a long-lasting protection against bed bugs and hatchlings. These products have been verified by the University of Kentucky Study and are safe to use. They also work on insecticide-resistant bed bugs.

Next, apply bed bug powder into confined areas where it won’t be stirred up into the air like on the edges of the carpets, deep inside the cracks and inside the electrical outlets and light switches. Seek help from a professional powder applicator when applying the powder.

You need to reapply the contact and residual sprays two weeks after the initial treatment to ensure that your place is bed bugs free. Follow the same produce again two weeks after that. This will count to three times of application of the sprays and it ensures that any eggs that have hatched will be killed off so that they can’t create a new infestation. Bed bug powders does not need to be reapplied, as they work for as long as they stay dry and intact.

Natural or Organic Bed Bug Sprays

These sprays are manufactured using plant extracts and they are very much safe to use. They are known to kill both bed bugs and bedbug eggs on contact.

Using Heat Treatment

These bugs cannot survive the excessive heat. Bed bug eggs are killed at 113F. There are several ways by which heat can be used to treat them. They are described below:

a) Steam Treatment

A professional heat steam treatment can be very expensive and may cost you up to $1,200. So, we recommend you to get a home steam cleaner which will cost you $300 but you can use that to clean and sanitize your place later. You can purchase the Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaning System which produces steam at a temperature of 214 degrees, which will kill bed bugs and more importantly, their eggs. It costs $300 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s a slow process and might take a little time to kill the bed bug eggs. Wrap a piece of cloth around the tip of the steamer before steaming so that the steam coming out doesn’t blow bed bugs and their eggs across the room.

The apartments can also be fumigated to get rid of the bed bug eggs. In this case, professionals must be hired. This is very costly and the entire building may need to be fumigated since after hatching the nymphs can crawl through the ventilation systems and the walls and infiltrate someone else’s apartment.

b) Dry Heat

Portable heating units can be used to heat a room to the required temperature to kill bed bug eggs. This process is carried out by professionals.

Holding a hair dryer can also be the solution to kill the bed bug eggs. Set the hair drying in the hottest setting. Hold it on the surface where there are bed bug eggs for 30 seconds.

Freezing Treatment

Bed bug eggs can’t withstand low temperatures. To kill them at the extremely low temperature you must hire professionals. They will use a cryonite freezing machine that creates a temperature of -32°C in order to kill them effectively. At this temperature, they can only live for five to ten minutes. Within fifteen minutes all the bed bug eggs will be killed. Its proven as one of the best methods to get rid of the bedbug infestation.

Also, professionals use a freezing spray such as a carbon dioxide spray will kill bed bugs and eggs immediately.

Wash Clothes

Wash your clothes at a high temperature and dry them using a dryer at least for fifteen minutes. This will kill the adult bed bugs and the bed bug eggs.

Home Remedies

If you are unable to hire a professional exterminator and if the severity of the infestation is low, you can try some home remedies to get rid of the bed bug eggs. You will have to look and check very carefully to understand the presence of the bed bug eggs since they are almost invisible to the naked eyes. A flashlight can become handy to understand their presence.

Diatomaceous Earth is the best home remedy to kill bed bug eggs. This powder is completely chemical free and safe to use. Spread Diatomaceous Earth in the seams of the pillow covers and cushions and, in the places, where the bed bug eggs reside. It takes more than 10 days to kill the eggs but the mortality rate is very high. It helps to dehydrate the eggs and thus killing them before they can hatch.

Baking soda is another common substance to kill the bed bug eggs. They soak in the moisture content dehydrating them and ultimately become the reason of their death. Reapply baking soda as often as needed where the bed bug eggs reside.

Bed bugs infestation have spread worldwide and they are present at every corner of the world. Their high reproduction rates have created a buzz and initiated the beg bug control treatment over time. To get rid of bed bugs completely it’s very important to kill their eggs so that they can’t infest to a larger extent. Since it is easy to identify bed bug eggs and can be missed easily at three treatments should be done to get rid of them completely.

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