How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Room To Room

Bed bugs are smart travelers. They can’t fly as they are wingless. They can only crawl. Bed bugs travel around 100 feet an hour. They are more mobile than you can think. They have the capacity to infest an entire building within a short period of time. Bed bugs spread from one room to another room, between apartments and can also pass from one person to another. Their small, flattened bodies allow them to stealth easily.

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How Do Bed Bugs Travel (Room, Apartment and Person)

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Room To Room

Bed bugs can easily travel from one room to another. If you have bed bugs in one of the rooms in your apartment, it is likely that they will infest the entire apartment. When you move things from one room to another room with infested items, they are shifted to the new room. They hitchhike on clothes and other belongings and travel via those items. Bedbugs can also pass through the ventilation. They need very small space to travel from one place to another. They can also travel along with you when you are moving to a new room.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Room To Room

Precautions: Some precautions can be taken so that they can’t infest a new room. When you realize their presence in a particular room avoids shifting items from the infested room to other rooms. Close the ventilation with a cardboard. Examine the bed and other furniture properly to destroy them immediately. Go through all the crevices and the crack of the furniture of that room.

How Do Bed Bugs Spread From House To House

Bed bugs can easily spread from house to house and travel from apartment to apartment. If you have any surrounding apartment infested by bed bugs there is a good chance that your apartment is next. If you have left your infested residence, the bed bugs can easily transfer any nearby apartment within the building, squeezing through an opening that they can spread. Bed bugs can enter the walls of an infested room through light switches, electrical outlets, and through any cracks or voids present. Remember, they can squeeze into tiniest places available. Once in the walls, bed bugs can easily travel along electrical wires and plumbing pipes to reach other apartments.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel Between Apartments


Preventive measures should be taken to stop them passing from one apartment to another. It might sound a little rude, but you have stopped visiting any infested apartment to avoid taking the bed bugs to your apartment. They can travel with you to your apartment and start a new colony. Once a female bed bug enters your place that has already mated, it will start to populate the new location with new bed bugs.

Within the first month, it will lay about 100s of eggs. By the end of the month, there would be about 60 to 70 newly hatches eggs and 30 to 40 waiting to be hatched. By the end of the second month, there would be around 10 breeding adults with about 200 developing bed bugs in various stages, and numerous eggs. Thus, we say they are capable to take over your entire building even if only one is found at the start.

If it comes to know about bed bugs in your apartment, seal the openings and the cracks of joints and pipes with silicone sealant. This will hinder their movement to your apartment from the neighboring apartment. Also, contact your landlord immediately if you are a tenant. A landlord will have the whole building checked and treating those units that are infested. According to Department of Housing Preservation and Development, it is written that the landlords should treat the infested units along with the units next to, above, and below. The landlord will be responsible for paying the entire expenditure.

Person to Person

Since bed bugs do not stay on bodies, they are not transmitted from one person to another person via physical contact. But they can surely travel from your clothing to another people’s clothing. They hitchhike on clothes, luggage, and possessions. They can travel from your possessions to another people’s possession. Also, when a person living in an infested house visits any public place they transfer the bed bugs to that new place. When you visit the same public place, you may bring bed bugs to home attached to your clothes. Also, if you are staying in a hotel that is infested by bed bugs, there is a 90% chance that you would carry them in your luggage.

How Do Bed Bugs Travel From Person to Person

Precautions: Precautions must be taken so that this blood-sucking critter is not transferred to you. You must wash your clothes with boiled water to eliminate the presence of bed bugs if any. Try avoiding mixing your possessions with the possessions of the people that are infested with bedbugs. Before staying in any hotel check for the reviews and also, ask the management people if they have any problems with bed bugs.


Bed bugs have become a worldwide concern after the 19th century. Their resurgence has created a nuisance. They are in every part of the world. The myth about bed bugs is that they are associated with cleanliness. But their presence has nothing to do with cleanliness. In fact, they are more prevalent in posh houses since they prefer to warm temperatures. They are expert travelers. They attach themselves to any hideous places and travel to a new place. Bed bugs can travel to any room, apartment and person easily and they can spread rapidly. It doesn’t take much time for them to populate the new area. Necessary steps must be taken to stop them from traveling to your residence.

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