How To Detect Bed Bugs

Detect bed bugs in your Home, Sitting Arrangements, Closet, Other Furnitures, Carpet, Curtains, Hotels, Luggage, and Public Places. Finding bed bugs is very difficult. Here you will learn how to detect bedbugs easily from the above possible places and kill them permanently. Read the full article to learn more.

How To Detect Bed Bugs

It’s not easy to find bed bugs especially at the early stage of the infestation. They are one of the tiniest creatures that fit themselves in the smallest places. You need to be very thorough when you are trying to spot their presence. But it is important to detect them at the early stage of the infestation because treating a minor infestation is less costly and less time to consume before they become widespread.

To detect them you need to know how they look. Many small insects resemble the bed bugs. Also, there are various types of bed bugs. Generally, they look like an oval-shaped creature that is reddish brown in color. They are wingless. They become engorged after their meal. Their eggs are whitish in color and very small. They often require magnification. Their eggs are glued to the surface where they are laid. Their nymphs (baby bed bugs) are usually yellowish white in color. As they grow they become reddish brown in color.

Some people may have severe itching due to bed bug bites. They might see the raised area that is red and itchy. Others may not feel any difference at all. But there are many signs that you can look for to ensure their presence.

9 Possible Places To Detect Bed Bugs

  • In Home
  • Sitting Arrangements
  • Closet
  • Other Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Curtains
  • Hotels
  • Luggage
  • Public Places


There are better ways to look for possible infestation. That is a physical examination of your house and things. You can start checking with bed first. Pull out your blankets and linens to check the mattress carefully.

Take out the encasements of the pillows. Check every seam and piping carefully. Check the folds of the corners. See if you can find blood stains. The blood stains on the mattress can be caused by the bed bugs that have been unintentionally crushed by you. Check if you can find dark stains.

Those come from the excretion of the bed bugs. You can also check for their exoskeleton which would be yellow or reddish brown in color. They shed their skin when the molt. This is one the key features to detect bed bugs.

Finally, take away the mattress of your bed. Flip it on to the other side. Check this side too. Check behind the headboard and bed frame. If you have bed bugs you will find at least one or two around your bed. That is the place where they mostly hide since they stand close to their food source.

Sitting Arrangements

When you are done with your bed, start inspecting the sitting arrangements. That is their second favorite spot to dwell. Check the joint of the chairs and sofas. See if you can find any crack in the chairs. Their flattened bodies allow them to hide in tiny cracks and crevices. Take the covers off the cushions. Check the seams and the zipper. Again, look for blood stains and fecal stains.


When done move to your closet. Take away your clothes out of the closet. Examine each cloth separately. Check at every joint of the closet. Use a flashlight to check inside of the closet. They like dark places. So shining flashlight may cause unrest in them and you might spot crawling bed bugs.

Another Furniture

When done with the main targets move to other furniture. Check every cracks and crevice of the furniture. The eggs are more likely to be hiding in the cracks of the furniture so that they are not disturbed. So be very through with the cracks and crevices in the furniture.


Then move on the carpet. Finding bed bugs on the carpet can be little challenging due to the stealthy nature. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet. Here we recommend that you use a vacuum cleaner with a bag that collects debris. Before vacuuming spread diatomaceous earth powder over your carpet. This will kill the bed bugs if they are present in your carpet. Run your vacuum across the carpet for at least three minutes. It is even better if you vacuum for more than three minutes. Before collecting the debris from the bag, take it outside your home. Next, put the debris in a plastic bag. Seal the plastic bag completely and throw it in the garbage bin. Finally, use a carpet steamer or shampooer to clean your carpet.


When you are done with all the furniture move to curtains of your house. Check in the folds of the curtains and also in the seams.


Hotels are the prime locations for bed bugs. Many people come over here to stay, and they carry bed bugs along with them. Even the most luxurious hotel can be infested by bed bugs. In fact, the bed bugs prefer luxurious hotels as they get warm environment. So, before staying in any hotel, confirm with the hotel managers if they have any bed bugs infestation. It might also be the case that the managers might avoid answering such questions as it may harm the reputation of their hotel. So, you might want to do the inspection yourself after reaching there.

You can’t obviously check the furniture at the hotel like you did to your home. Those are not your own property and of course, you can’t take long. After entering, keep your luggage in a clean bathtub. To examine properly and quickly take the help of a flashlight and an old credit card.

Again, start with the bed. You are looking for blood spots, dark spots, and their discarded skin. Check every corner of the mattress. Run the credit card through the folds of the mattress. Also, use the credit card to get underneath the folds of the mattress, where bed bugs love to hide. Examine closely the darker hiding spots with the flashlight.

Next, check the other furniture to detect them. If there is any chair or sofa examine that closely. Be very through to every seam and fold in the furniture using the credit card and the flashlight. Next move the closet. Before putting your dresses, you need check every drawer and every cupboard closely. Shine the flashlight at the joint of the drawers and the cupboards. You might see fleeing bugs or their outer skin. If the room is infested with bed bugs, you will probably find them in any of this furniture.


The presence of bed bugs is not limited to the beds and furniture only. They can be often found in your luggage. Before leaving any hotel it’s vital to inspect your luggage to make sure that you don’t carry them with you. Put the items in your luggage in separate plastic bags. Keep them sealed until you reach your destination and check every item individually. Wash all your dresses in hottest possible water. This will kill the bed bugs especially their eggs.

Public Places

You definitely can’t visit a public place and start inspecting for bed bugs. However, there are some precautions that you can take in order to avoid infesting your house. Yes, you heard that right. Visiting public places infested with bed bugs can populate your residence with bed bugs as well. They can hitchhike on your dress or your belongings and travel with you to your place. So, after visiting any public place wash your dress with hot water. Check all your belongings that you carried to that place separately.


Bed bugs are present everywhere. They are present in luxury hotels, slums, dorms, hospitals, libraries and other places where there is the human presence. Their ability to multiply and stealthy ways of traveling has grown serious concern worldwide. So, it is important to detect them and take necessary steps to treat them at the earliest.

Once you know you are infested with bed bugs you can apply several insecticides that can destroy them. Always check that the insecticide is specially made for bed bugs. Steam treatment and freezing treatment are also used worldwide to treat bed bugs. Bed bugs can’t stand very high temperatures and very low temperatures.

You can also go for several home remedies to treat bed bugs. Home remedies are chemical free and safe for inside use. However, you may need to treat the bed bugs multiple times to get rid of them completely since they are difficult to spot. In cases where the infestation has spread beyond limits, you might have to take help from the professionals. This might cost you a lot. Thus, we said it is better to stop the infestation before they can overpopulate your place.

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