How To Find Bed Bugs During Day and Night

Finding bed bugs can be easy for you if you follow some tricks. Here, we’ve discussed few possible places where you can see bed bugs during the day and night. Typically, they hide at day and appear at night. But sometimes, bed bugs come out in the daytime. You can easily find bed bugs with the help of a flashlight.

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that mostly feed on human blood. They are reddish-brown in color and are about 5mm in length. Their eggs are milky white in color. They are so small that it is almost impossible to see them without a magnifying glass. They bite you at nights when you are sleeping. It is difficult to find them at any time of the day. They remain hidden during the day. That is why it is difficult to find them in the daytime. Also, searching for them at night is difficult as there is a lack of natural light in the night time. But you can still find them at any time by using a flashlight. You can check a few places to see if you have them at your place.

Before you start checking for their presence keep a flashlight handy. Also, remember to switch on all the lights in your room. Here are few possible sources where you can find them during the day and night.


As the name suggests start with your bed to look for their presence. At first, remove your bedding. Check the mattress carefully. See if there are any cracks in the mattress. Pay special attention to the cracks. Move your fingers through every crack. You may see red blood spots or their fecal stains. Their fecal stains are dark brown in color. Also, see if you can find the outer skin that they shed during their development. Take away the pillows from the pillowcases. Check all the seams of the pillowcases. This is their favorite place to lay the eggs. Pull away the mattress to check the box spring. Wooden bed frames are more likely to housing insects than the more common metal ones. So, if you have wooden bed frames pay special attention to it.

Sitting Arrangements

Next step is to check the sitting arrangements. You can use a flashlight to check the chairs even if you have daylight. Look between every joint of your chairs. Check all the crevices and cracks in the chairs. Check the cushion covers of your sofa carefully. Pay attention to the seams of the cushion covers.


Your next target is inspecting your closet. A flashlight becomes very handy when checking a closet. Always check the inside and bottom of the drawers. Also, when you are visiting any hotel check the closet before placing your clothes.


When you are done with checking the main hiding spots of the bed bugs move to other furniture. Check all the joints and crevices of the furniture. Move your fingers through every crevice. See if you can find any bed bug eggs.


Whenever you are staying in any hotel remember to check all the furniture carefully. Check the ambiance as you would do to your home. Start with bed and then move to other furniture. Check the luggage stand before placing your luggage. If any luggage stand is not available, place your luggage away from all other furniture. You can also check for the reviews of the hotel to see if there is any complaint concerning bed bugs. Don’t think that lavish hotels do not have bed bugs. They are present everywhere.


Check your luggage well before leaving a hotel. Check all the items that you are carrying the luggage. They usually hitchhike on the luggage made of fabrics. So, try not to carry any luggage made of cloths when you are planning to stay in hotels.


They are present in theaters, hospitals, libraries, shopping malls and any other public places. Check that dress that you are wearing after visiting any public place. They hitchhike on clothes and travel along with you. So, make sure you keep your cloth sealed in a plastic bag after visiting any public place. Later on, wash it using hot water.


Bed bugs can be present anywhere. If you are thinking that you live in a posh area and that’s why bed bugs are not present there, you are wrong. In fact, in cold countries, they tend to live in posh areas as they prefer warm environment. So, looking for their presence is important if you want to get rid of them.

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