Step By Step Guide To Check For Bed Bugs

How to check for bed bugs? We have guided you how can you check bed bugs on the bed, upholstered furniture, bedside table, carpet, dresser, and closet, other furniture, pet beds, baby toys, walls, hotel room, guest room, luggage rack, luggage, other hotel furniture etc. Read the full article to learn more details.

Bed bugs are no longer just a part of developing world, they have become a part of the developed world long before. They can be found everywhere starting from hotels, motels, clean houses, gyms, movie theatres and infesting buses, libraries, hospitals etc. Bed bugs can be easily carried to your house through your clothes, luggage, etc. Their small size and flattened bodies allow them to hide easily. So, it can be a real trouble to find those bloodsucking creatures.

Also, if you are planning to stay in any hotel or if you are planning to buy a used furniture you should be well aware to check for the presence of bed bugs so that you don’t carry them to your home. It is not very difficult to understand their existence as professionals. But to understand their presence, first, you need to know how they look like and if you follow this guide step by step, you will be capable to detect their presence well enough by yourself.

How To Check For Bed Bugs

The Appearance of Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that take the size of an apple seed and is reddish brown in color. They take an elongated shape if they are fed at any recent time. Also, they have a flat body that allows them to fit themselves in tiny places. They feature fine golden hair and they have antennas that have four parts. And, they can spread musty-sweetish odor if they are present in big numbers.

Young bed bugs are called nymphs. Their life cycle starts with the egg and the egg bed bugs are almost invisible to the naked eye. They are pearl white in color and are the size of a pinhead. They might have eye spots if they are more than five days old. As they mature older they grow in size and take dark reddish-brown color.

To provide you with a thorough guide to check for bed bugs we have divided this article into three parts. In the first part, we have guided you how you can check at your own home. In the second part, you will find the guidance to check at the hotel and finally, in the last part, you will find the guidance when you want to prevent yourself carrying them to your home from any public places.

Part-1: Inspection of Bed Bugs In Your Own House

1. Bed Bugs On The Bed

They named as bed bugs because they stay very close to the bed where they can find their meal. They bite you while you are asleep. So, your first job is to look into your bed properly to find their presence. Pull out all the bedding and the pillowcases. Look very carefully at the side of the bed where you keep head during sleep. They tend to hide themselves there more. Check the mattress carefully if you find any blood stains. The blood spots due to the bed bugs are crushed accidentally. Their fecal stains can also be present. Those are brownish red in color. If required, use a flashlight to do your inspection.

At first check the pillowcases. Look at the seams of the pillowcases. This is the place where the bed bugs and bed bug eggs mostly reside. Look between the cracks in the mattress. Flip the mattress on its side to look under it. The bedbugs shed their exoskeleton while they grow. Look for their outer skin too. Look in the joint of the bed frame and in the crevices in the headboard. Pay special attention to the box spring. This is the place where they hide most. Remove the gauze protector of the box spring and look there too.

Most importantly scrutinize the bed very well. If bed bugs are there at your home, you will probably find them anywhere near your bed. Finally move your bed away from the wall if your bed is placed in a corner of your room and then check that side of bed and wall too.

2. Bed Bugs On Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture includes chairs, sofas, ottoman, couch, chaise, lounges and any other places. Take away all the cushions and pillows and carefully check their piping and the zipper. The zipper is the ideal place where the bed bugs lay their eggs. Also, they tend to hide in the zippers. Check the seams of the pillows, the couch, and the chairs. Again, pull your couch away from the corner of the wall where it is placed. Look at the back side of your upholstered furniture. Use a flashlight to complete your inspection.

3. Bed Bugs On The Bedside Table

Move your bedside table away from the wall and check all the joints very carefully. Pull the drawers and vacant your drawer and check all the belongings in the drawer. If possible, take a rigid card and run it through the joints of the bedside table. You may find the laud eggs in the crevices and between the joints.

4. Bed Bugs On The Carpet

Run your vacuum cleaner through the carpet. Then empty the vacuum cleaner to find the presence of any bed bugs. It might be a little difficult to understand the presence of the bed bugs since they might get cover-up with dirt. So, look very carefully at the dirt and try to find those blood sucking, tiny creatures. You can also have a look at the edges of the carpets before running the vacuum cleaner over it.

5. Bed Bugs On Dresser and Closet

Shake the drawers out over a clean white sheet and take away kitchen items off the dresser. Again, use a flashlight to inspect properly. Look at the seams of the coats and look under the collars. This is the place where egg bed bugs are found. Check the seams of the drawers using a card. Look for the shed skin in the seams. Also, check the walls of the closet.

6. Bed Bugs In Other Furniture

Check your study table, dining table and other objects inside your house. Look carefully into the joint of the furniture using a card. Check on the crevices of the furniture. If there is any crack in the furniture look there too. Move away from the furniture from the wall. Also turn the furniture upside down to have a look at the bottom side. Don’t forget to check below the furniture.

7. Bed Bugs On Pet Beds

If the bed bugs are unable to find a human host they will feed on the blood of the other warm-blooded animals. So, this is another appropriate place to find the presence of bed bugs. So, check the bedding of your pet if you have any. Look for the fecal stains and their discarded outer skin. Also, notice if your pet is losing patchy hair. This is another sign for the existence of the bed bugs at your home.

8. Bed Bugs On Baby Toys

Carefully check the toys especially those that are brought to the beds. Children play with toys sitting on the beds. Since bed bugs travel from one place to another very easily they can move from beds to toys that are kept on the beds.

9. Bed Bugs On The Walls

Check the loose wallpaper and look under it. You would also like to have a look behind the mirrors or any picture frames if you have any. Look behind all the showpieces that are hung on the wall. Also, inspect the fold of the curtains and behind the curtains.

Part-2: Inspection of Bed Bugs On In Hotel Room or Guest House Room

You are very likely to carry the bed bugs when you are traveling through your clothes and luggage. Hotels are very good places for the bed bugs to live since from there they can move to any other place. Doesn’t matter if you are living a five-star hotel or just a normal one; bed bugs can be present everywhere. Also, it depends on how often people have been visiting that particular hotel or guests house. If the case is like the guests visit that guest house very rarely then chances are bleak for the presence of bed bugs. Still, you can always check for the reviews of the hotels or the guest house that you are going to check-in. You can easily find bed bugs over there.

1. Bed Bugs On The Bed

Inspection of the hotel room is very important and a challenging task too. It would a be a little difficult to inspect the bed of the hotel rooms since the bed frames and headboards are usually fixed to the wall. So, you have to pay special attention to check the mattress and look for the presence of bed bugs if any. Check the mattress the way you would have checked if it was at your own home. Look for fecal stain and blood spots on the mattress. Also, don’t forget to look for exoskeletons that they shed during their growth. Check the cracks in the mattress and also the seams. Carefully check the pillowcases and pay special attention to the seams of the pillowcases.

2. Bed Bugs On Luggage Rack

In a hotel room, the luggage rack is one of the most important places where you could find the existence of bed bugs. Try not to keep your luggage over there.

3. Bed Bugs On The Luggage

Inspect luggage very carefully before carrying them to your home. Check every item in your luggage before fixing those into your luggage.

4. Bed Bugs In Other Furniture

Check the bedside table and other furniture in the hotel room. Inspect the closet very carefully with a flashlight since bed bugs can be carried to your home by the clothes that you keep there. Look at the crevices and the joints of the furniture.

Part-3: Miscellaneous Inspection

Bed bugs can be present at any public places like movie theatres, library, lounges restaurant etc. Whenever you visit any public place make sure you are not carrying any bed bugs with you to your home. After reaching your home check your clothes and the items that you carried outside very carefully.

After all your inspection if you find the existence of bed bugs you better look for the ways to get rid of them immediately before they multiply in number. They move easily from one place to another and they are very well known as the creature that is carried by travelers through their luggage and clothes.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

It is better to get rid of bed bugs as early as possible since they reproduction at a very high rate. There are plenty of methods to eliminate them. If you are planning to carry out the treatment by yourself and not hiring any professionals, non-chemical methods would be wiser.

You can buy a professional steam heat treatment which costs around $300 to $1,200 and uses it every time you suffer from infestation. There are many steam cleaning systems available which produce a very high temperature that will kill the bedbugs and most importantly their eggs. You can also try washing your clothes at very high temperatures after returning from any public place. This will ensure that you are not allowing the bed bug to multiply in number further. There are also many home remedies available online that you can use to control the numbers. But you have to remember that with these you will not be able to kill their lineages. If the number of bed bugs at your home is beyond control, then you may have to seek help from professionals.


Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that feed on human blood. They cause red swellings on skin that are itchy and can also cause infections due to excessive scratching. Bed bugs can’t fly but they can move very quickly from one place to another. Although they are not known to spread any disease. But it is important to reduce the infestation to reduce the itching that they cause. The growing population of bed bugs at the recent time has surely awakened the world to a great deal.

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